Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The wily old fox

After having led the governors on a 3rd term goose chase, it turns out that the end of the chase Mantu laid a well-concealed snare. Now the governors are forced to confront the prospect of a revised constitution in which only the president retains immunity from prosecution. That means that the very thing they hoped would protect them from the EFCC hounds and Ribadu’s mounting dossiers is the very thing that will Balogun them in the end.

Worse still, the plan is to channel local govt funding from the Federation account directly to the LGA’s themselves, cutting out yet one more lucrative channel for State level funds diversion. Obasanjo remains at least two steps ahead of the guzzling gubers at each stage. Now all we need is a member of the economic team to put themselves forward and we’ll be forced to admit the President is a master tactician.


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