Friday, March 17, 2006

Ugwu research

Ugwu is a variant of the pumpkin family, latin name Telfairia occidentalis. It is a wonder plant/superfood native to Nigeria/West Africa. Ugwu's closest nutritional equivalent in the West is wheatgrass. Both plants are hugely rich in chloryphyl, which has a very similar molecular structure as blood. For this reason, ugwu is fantastically good to boost the immune system/blood level. If one's red cell blood count drops for whatever reason (loss of blood, illness), ugwu will raise the levels back in just a few days. It can be thought of as a natural form of blood transfusion. The shoots and leaves are the main ingredient of the Nigerian edikang ikong soup.

The best way to take ugwu however is to juice it (using a masticating juicer). The resulting liquid is thick and green and has a powerful taste, just like wheatgrass. Mixed with juiced beetroot and carrot (and orange as a sweetener and source of vitamin c/asorbic acid), it truly is a superfood.

Unfortunately, little research has been done on the properties of ugwu and how it can be used in different ways to treat various conditions. Such research could be hugely beneficial in Nigeria, both in terms of prevention and cure.

There is a senior consultant at the National Hospital here in Abuja who wants to undertake such research. As many readers will know, the consultants at the teaching hospitals (LUTH etc) really know their onions. Many of them have pet research projects up their sleeve which, if funded, could lead to dramatic results. This particular consultant needs just 5 million naira for his research (that's around twenty thousand pounds). Its a tiny amount of money given the potential benefits. If anyone reading this blog can recommend sources of funding, I will pass them onto him immediately.


Anonymous,  5:45 pm  

Take a look at this blog:

Although the doctor may have to hurry because the competition closes on
Mar 20th 2006. However this is a blog to keep an eye on as it focuses
on facilitating advancements in the developing world

Anonymous,  5:50 pm

Anonymous,  1:36 am  

bill gates
the ford foundation
a partnership with a us university?

naomi 2:20 pm  

hi jeremy,
i've just been diagnosed by the doc, she says i have developed ulcer and my white blood cell is scanty less than 35,i believe the least one can have is 44. i hear ugwu juice is a good booster and can help my situation. wat do u think?

[email protected]

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