Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Iran and the nuclear threat..

Just read an interesting article on Iran's alleged nuclear threat by John Pilger in the New Statesman. Whatever one thinks of Pilger (leftist ranter, mouthpiece of the wretched of the earth, somewhere between etc.) he makes an interesting point towards the end of the piece. I didnt know for instance that Iran is about switch its oil trading currency from the dollar to the Euro. I do remember that many commentators have said that Sadam Hussein's threat to do exactly the same a few years ago brought about the pre-emptive disaster that has been the American invasion. The weakened and weakening dollar, propped up against huge trade deficits in the US by being the reserve currency in many Asian countries, faces some form of meltdown if a major oil-producing nation switches to the Euro. In both cases, the IAEA and other bodies are facing enormous pressure to castigate and sanction, based on spurious evidence: Iran has been open to IAEA inspections at all times (in contrast to Israel). Pilger may be onto something more than a conspiracy theory here..


Akin 7:32 pm  

Hmmmm Jeremy,

We live in a World Global Order where the burden of proof (bof) varies from suspicion, through intention to proof and sometimes indifference.

It would appear the bof for Iran is suspicion, whilst that for North Korea is intention and for blessed Israel - proof bordering on indifference.

Like I opined in my Coal Fuels Death Slowly blog there is a possibility that when oil and gas run out, US would have the largest reserves of coal in a global reversal of energy dependence.

The only option would be to consider alternatives like nuclear energy.

As the fog of propaganda and rhetoric clears up, I have not seen any proof of Iran developing "nucular" (Bushism) weapons.

If they are, any country surrounded by its enemies on both sides as Iran is with American-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan should step up efforts with that development to defend their borders.

No one country should be able to infer that their opinions represent that of the International community - the Americans hardly make up 1/20th of the global population.

Moreover, I would like an appreciated Euro, how else can I get to spend more than a week at the Burg Al Arab?



obifromsouthlondon 9:15 pm  

we need more people like pilger. sometimes the media comes across as sanitised.

this funny world. Bush was in India last week makes promises of Nuclear collaboration and what not with the Indian Government.

who is most likely to use nuclear weaponry? rhetorical question.

Chxta 3:49 pm  

It will be interestig to watch those dimwits attack Iran and put a further strain on their already ailing economy...

george,  8:28 pm  

chxta - what makes you say the US economy in ailing. It seems to be quite the opposite.

Folabi Akinrogunde 3:19 pm  

I have been informed that one of the primary reasons why the late Nigerian despot, Sani Abacha, was done away with via the CIA was because he was seriously considering selling Nigeria's oil in Nigerian Naira and not in US Dollars!

Still, its a wonder how we never hear information like this from CNN or the BBC. Information like this always finds its way into the mainstream from the so-called fringe media. It seems that the US government in particular, has been able to considerably muzzle the press, turning it into an extended arm of its public information apparatus.

Notwithstanding possible exceptions like the Dubai Ports takeover of American
sea-ports, the American media has, in my view, served the needs of the American government better than it has the needs and interests of the American people since Bush came into office.

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