Saturday, March 11, 2006

Naija blog entirely in German!

Click here to see. With the news that there are now over 30 million blogs, its good to see all kinds of naijablogs are in formation. Would be great if there were indigenous language blogs - blogs in igbo, yoruba, hausa etc. Are there any?


the flying monkeys 11:16 pm  
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the flying monkeys 11:19 pm  

omoobokun! published thursday 2nd march 2006

Anonymous,  6:03 pm  

A blog in Nigerian local language will be interesting but I've not stumbled on any so far. However, most naija blogs filter their writeup with indegenious languages.

adefunke 7:02 pm  

Its a lie! A blog in Yoruba!

ajike 11:47 pm  

yea it will be nice thats why i now have one


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