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Big Brother Nigeria

Big Brother Nigeria launched on Sunday amidst fanfare and expectation (of what I don’t know). The US$100,000 prize money seems excessive. Things may likely turn ugly. Watching it (on DSTV channel 37) is both excessively boring and highly interesting. The conversation, when one can hear it, is tedious and banal, quite puerile/adolescent in many ways. Also, they seem to be having transmission problems – the screen had lines running down it by yesterday evening. However, what is interesting is to observe patterns of behaviour. Most of the time, everyone hangs out together in a large group. In the UK Big Brother’s (ordinary or celebrity), there tends to be more dispersed social clusterings – three or four people at most in conversation – unless ordered to be together by Big Brother. Also, there is a tactility amongst the Nigerians one would never see at this early stage amongst Northern Europeans - which is already reaping consequences as the men set their sights on specific girls. There is also a conservatism at work. For example, last night a Jacuzzi/hot tub scene was set up. Only two women dared put on their cozzies to join the men (there was about 5 or 6 men in the water). These things wouldn’t be an issue elsewhere. Earlier in the day, the group started to play music on the lawn. It was quite astonishing that a random group of people could make such interesting sounds, telling stories spontaneously through song and dance. Here we see the creativity hard-wired into Nigerian youth that goes largely untapped by the culture (or by the culture industry).

Most interesting of all at this stage is the set design. Elsewhere, Endermol (the company behind the stunt) like to go for futuristic/hyper contemporary looking interiors – all Ligne Roset and aluminium surfaces. In the Ikeja BB House, we have instead a drab looking space Africanised by the odd leather pouf or rattan chair. It reveals a total lack of imagination on the part of the set designers.


Akin 11:09 am  

Hi Jeremy,

Interesting copy about the Big Brother house in Nigeria.

I probably haven't seen more than 10 minutes of the entire global run of BigBrother and I live in the Netherlands - it is just so not I.

I am not too sure the $100,000 prize is excessive, especially if they are going to be hanging out in those chic places you have reviewed.

However, I noted two things, demographically, none are originally from the North and a majority are from the East of Nigeria.

Then a majority wants to start a company, however, we get no insight into what business they plan to get into.

What I fear most about this seriously "Western" phenomenon is when the politicians and clerics jump on this bandwagon proposing a ban as Malawians and Philipinos did when some racy scenes were aired.

In the Netherlands we agonised about watching a live birthing activity until it was stopped - however, expect to see it in an uncut version sometime soon.

As for the contestant who hates back-stabbing - in the BBN - it would be dog-eat-dog.

Expect the best and worst of humankind as the love of money demonstrates evil that would make Steven King look like a fable.

I wait for the episode where someone would be accused of bringing in juju (voodoo) to discredit others and another where a phone scam would be discovered where votes have been fixed.

I can't help it, I probably have a very low opinion of Big-Brother types, no matter how extroverted you are.

Oh well, I suppose it is both fun and entertainment to some. From the pulpit to the podium and the press - watch those places.


Anonymous,  4:44 pm  

looking at the website it seems like 9-10 out of 12 are easteners. So much for Federal Character.. I guess they were selected by Igbos. Wale.

Nkem 8:17 pm  

Wale, that is such a stupid assumption to make. That is the kind of statement that makes Nigerians slaughter themselves all the time. And I suppose in your ridiculously unthinking mentality, you deduce that since about half the people in the House are students, the production team must be made up of many students. Bloody hell, think before you talk.

Akin 8:54 pm  


I think the surnames and in some cases the first names are enough to determine what part of Nigeria the BBN participants are from.

The Federal Character complex still pervades the polity of Nigeria - most especially in all arms of government.

The at state level local governments have to be evenly represented or the disaffected make a fuss.

It is not surprising that it should come up in the analysis of the BBN list. However, the conclusion is less than should be desired of intelligent application.

The taboo topic that could result is the religious, community, moral, societal and psychological mores that permits some demographic representatives to feature more than others.

It is important that is remains within the context of issues and not descend into personalities and their way of expression.

Best regards,


Anonymous,  9:58 pm  

Nkem, unfortunately one do notice that majority of the participants are from the Eastern/south Eastern part of the country. I am from the East and I noticed (worringly) this fact immediately. So, I guess if I noticed then others must also noticed. Whether we like it or not, it is a fact. But we should pause and think why this should be the case in a country with such ethnic diversity. This does not mean we have to slaugther each other, but sometimes absence and omission can say so much.

Anonymous,  2:54 am  

Damn... I applied and didn't get a call back.

Are there any gay contestants?

TaureanMinx 1:18 pm  

I noticed the lack of diversity too but I don't believe in selecting contestant based purely on their city of origin. If they didn't get good applicants from other places then tough luck! What does it matter where thay come from anyway?

Anonymous,  2:08 pm  

I think what Nkem is saying is that, you can't conclude that the selectors are Igbo just because the contestants are predominantly Igbo...

Monef 5:16 pm  

ditto Nkem....what makes interesting TV is not tied to where people originated. I'm not even sure why it is relevant...we need to get past this ridiculous us and them idea!

Anonymous,  4:24 pm  

of course we need to get past this 'us and them'BS. But somebody tell how in a nation of over 130m diverse people, only people from the East are qualified to get through. we can take the pc stuff a little bit too far. Nkem and co are right to say that because the BBN posse are mostly from the east doesn't mean that the selectors are from the east. but it does beg the question: how come 10 out of 12 are from the east?

It is the same argument people use when there are mostly men on a management team. Oh it is because there ain't enough suitably qualified women. we simply picked the best. Yes right. it is pure lazy on men's part and here again, it is pure laziness on the big brother's part. Ethnic (and dare I say it religious)diversity might be the spice that is needed in this exquistely, boring unfolding drama.

gay 5:32 pm  

big brother south africa picked the participants from all of south africa not one particular region.what is the essence of the show if we can have diffrent people with diffrent ethnic background to participate

Anonymous,  6:11 pm  

the big brother housemate chic are slots most especially icemeta cosi couldnt beleive wwat i saw her doing with gideon, well they aint shown their tru colors yet but certainly wen they do everyone wil be taken by surprise and then we will know wat naija babes fit do.

Anonymous,  9:20 am  

Na how many people get DSTV in thin Naija? I guest an arrangement for a summary telecast on NTA will add a lot of good for the generality of Nigerians to enjoy the live drama

Anonymous,  2:18 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Big Brother is a huge phenomenon in the UK, and participants are always a fun mix. The raw drama unleashed is always unparalleled to any scripted drama.

I think the dynamic in BB Nigeria is healthy as they are mostly young. Older participants tend to have a stronger perhaps vindictive moral viewpoint. This usually brings morality to the fore,while the success of the series has always been the lack of rules (Except Big Brothers').

I'll be keeping an eye on Ben TV on Sky but I know I'll miss the best bits: the raw, unedited dramatic moments when the best or worst in humans are exhibited. So I will be relying a lot on this blogs for updates to edited bits I've missed.



Anonymous,  2:19 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Big Brother is a huge phenomenon in the UK, and participants are always a fun mix. The raw drama unleashed is always unparalleled to any scripted drama.

I think the dynamic in BB Nigeria is healthy as they are mostly young. Older participants tend to have a stronger perhaps vindictive moral viewpoint. This usually brings morality to the fore,while the success of the series has always been the lack of rules (Except Big Brothers').

I'll be keeping an eye on Ben TV on Sky but I know I'll miss the best bits: the raw, unedited dramatic moments when the best or worst in humans are exhibited. So I will be relying a lot on this blogs for updates to edited bits I've missed.



Anonymous,  2:49 pm  

i think it is sad not to have diversity in the BBN. the very thing that we hipe our unity on. ''united in diversity''. the diveristy i had hoped to see would have brought more spice into the house and issues on the nigerian state may be somewhat brought forward. questions like. would people vote for ethnicity? or tribe? . i would have loved to see how the future leaders of tommorow react to this diversity thing. imagine there was a notherner, core fulani. a nigerdeltan, a middle belter , a yoruba man and a Nupe man.......you have to just imagine.it didn't happen. jide lagos.

Anonymous,  4:19 pm  

Jide, I feel you brother. the diversity is definitely what was needed in the mix. A lost opportunity.

Bola (lagos)

anthony london,  6:39 pm  

i did not know about big brother Africa until my sister told me my very good freind ebuka was in the house from personal experience i already know what outcome can be expected.. well i will be keeping an eye in and cheering my boy on!! hopefull ben tv lets us view even for an hour daily!

Maureen 11:26 am  

I actually agree with Nkem. It's hihg time we left all these tribal and religious bull-shit, come together as one and try to build a better Naija in peace and unity.

Am sure applications were sent in and the best out of all were chosen. Does it really matter if they chosen ones are all igbos, hausas, yorubas, efiks, idomas etc. NO!!!! what mstters is that they were selected out of the people that cared to apply.

Am sure that if you (Wale) had applied and seen as qualified, you would sure had been taken. Or were you dropped?

Lets all try to be together for a better NAIJA.

Peace to U all!
Maureen (Abuja)

Maureen 11:37 am  

The issue of DSTV is quite serious, a greater percentage of the people in naija has no access to DSTV and as such does not understand what BBN means or is talking about.

I trully think that channels such as NTA and AIT should show at least a summary of such a Nigerian programme. Afterall AIT can afford to show Paloma which is Mexican everyday.

Abi wetin una think?


Anonymous,  1:24 pm  

na wah oh.what is happening to ichem?

maki,  2:04 pm  

Maki(Port Harcourt)
you can count how many people that can access DSTV in 9ja, NTS or AIT would have come to an agreement with DSTV to broadcast it to the ordinary nigerians.

maki 2:10 pm  

Makioba(Port Harcourt)
pls NTA or AIT should do something about this Big Brother Nigeria for us to watch too oh, how many people come get the DSTV na?

Anonymous,  5:15 pm  


Anonymous,  11:33 am  

Pips,kinda read your comments on the bigbrother stuff and i guess all your views are worthy of note ,even those you think may sound soo parochial in the sense that they are voicing out thier observations of the poor reflection of nija`s ethno distributions.

come to think of it,what makes nija? `no be the people wey from all de tribes?`.

so whats the fuss about not including every one.even if the guys from the other tribes did not apply,the producers could have done something about it

besides it is not true that the folks from other places did not apply,at least I was principally involved and ican give the best witness to some of this things.

If the big brother africa version took cognisance of ethnogeography,then i believe BBN should have borrowed that leaf as a strenght.

with the way nija is,this makes it easy for any group`s conservatives to easily say `ehen!na their thing sef,dem go just spoil our children ne kawai,wallahi tal lahi`.

you will only be ignoring the reality by refusing to believe this things exist and we need to work thme out and not abandone them.


Anonymous,  8:06 pm  

wat kind i say someone asked whether any of the males on big brother nigeria are gays lets just say i had a fling with one of them in the house, i wont mention hss name i still love him and i have never stopped, i hope he wins . i just hopes his gay bits does not come out in the house , there has been a lot of denials in nigeria thats gays dont exists but we exist and we plenty keep guessing who in big brother nigeris is gay

Anonymous,  8:14 pm  

if i was being honest i think chinedu is cute and my ex boyfriend will find it difficult to resist him mmmmmmmmmmmmh

Anonymous,  9:33 pm  

whats up with the sound in the house,it aint clear at all,sometimes u can barely hear what is being said ,i hate that,either my tv is bad or the person in charge is not doing their job well

Vyktor,  10:07 pm  

peeps, yo have all said well.one area i find very annoying is the fact that BBA(South Africa)was aired hourly on a daily basis on AIT. but here we find this stuff taking place right here in our backyard and no single one tv station, not even Silverbird tv, the so-called entertainment channel can air the highlights of BBN. true word, how many 9ija family get DSTV for their houses?!!! when they have not finished putting food on the table, na DSTV them go com go buy??? the organisers should do something about this broadcast-thing or else it would be a total failure in terms of coverage and follwership, which already is. when u tell me to vote, whom will i vote for when i never watch the broadcast before. do feel me.

Anonymous,  9:53 pm  

well i dont know wat u guyz are complaining for .we should be discussing the recent happings in the big brother house.for me gideon just left and ebuka,frank,ify and joe are up for eviction.who do u think should leave.

peter 1:33 pm  

I feel with disgust to here about much of the contestants been Igbo, why do we have such foolish comments from people who feel that they know so much.I was expecting these illiterate ethnicity propagandist to talk about something else that will improve the show

Anonymous,  7:54 pm  

Anyone know when the 2007 auditions are taking place?

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