Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yoba eros

Bibi has a book of Yoruba proverbs which are concerned with women. Some of them are graphic, to say the least. Some examples (please excuse the lack of accents):

A ki i ti oko bo obo tan ki a tun maa beru pe iho re jin, ibi ti o ba wu obo ki o maa gbe oko lo.
One does not insert a penis into a vagina and then begin to fear that its hole is deep. Let the vagina carry the penis wherever it likes.

A fun o lobo do, o ni ko mu oko tan.
We give you a vagina to fuck, and you are complaining that it does not take the whole length of your penis.

Bi obinrin ko do oko meji ki i mo eyi to dun ju.
If a woman does not fuck two penises, she won't know which one is sweeter.

etc. etc.


bello.fighting.ignorance 10:00 am  

I have to read this and immediately!!
Please what's the title?
I hope I can get it in Lagos before Abuja next week!

Lekan 10:26 am  

could u please let me know where to buy this :):):)

here's me thinking we were a conservative society.

Saymama 10:46 am  

Chai!! Yoruba can be so graphic and blatant! I can't believe these are actually documented somewhere!! LOL!!

twinstaiye 12:01 pm  

Those proverbs were probably coined to denotes "vulgarism" as there are corresponding unvulgar ones to denotes what they actually means. Whilst the first two proverb were too vulgar, I found the last one incorrect. I think the last two goes thus as I hear our Grand and Great grannies say them.

"Afun e lobo do tan, oni koni irun" (We give you a vagina to fuck, you are complaining that it has no hair)

Bi obinrin ko ba dan ile oko meji wo, Koni mo eyi to san (If a woman does not try two husbands, she wont know which one is better)

Anonymous,  1:12 pm  

The book is called:

Yorub proverbs wtih feminine lexis by Laide Sheba published by Spectrum. Some of the translations are just crap. but at least it gives the yorub version so that speakers can do better translation.

Anonymous Star,  1:31 pm  

I agree with 'Twinstaiye' totally.

Saymama: "Yoruba can be so graphic and blatant" - as with any language. Like, say, English? A fully fledged language has words for every occasion, including those when the speaker's mind bends towards the graphic.

omohemi Benson 5:29 pm  

LOL! How come na these ones you con see translate?

So where can we get the book?

Travelling Pundit 5:54 pm  

Don't know why anyone is surprised, I remember as a kid hanging out with older uncles who would crack dirty jokes amongst themselves in Yoruba thinking that the Yoruba was too deep for me to understand. I, of course, pretended not to understand: and found my pathway to early carnal understanding! No, am not traumatized, thanks for asking, am actually thankful for the early schooling in real life. Anyway, later in life as an adult, someone proved to me that Yoruba was a powerful language to either make love in( am sure you get that) or to insult you, your relatives and ancestors in...., it offers you choice!

So yes, my dear language is not just powerful, it tells it like it is and some..and Lekan, no we are only conservative on the surface, our underbelly is as raw as raw can be -as exemplified by the scandals of two ex-presidents: one who had a penchant for apples presented by sari clad beauts from far-flung lands and another allegedly ‘likes to keep it in the family...’

Anonyfan,  6:45 pm  

Anonymous star, you're a star. Thank you jare.

Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

Well here is another one
Aa kin deru oko la ba arugbo
We do not scare the elderly women with big penis

mypenmypaper 11:28 am  

O boy, how come thats the only part of the book you understand. kai.

nice one tho.

Atutupoyoyo 3:17 pm  

Fantastically graphic. Is there a world language that is more laced with idiom and proverb?

Anonymous,  5:30 pm  



Afolabi 11:11 pm  

haha...these are so vulgar. Sometimes, I feel that pre-colonial yorubas must not have this conservative as they are now

adewale ogbere,  9:38 pm  

another proverb in yoruba is " ti a ba fomo foko a ma n fi obo idi e ti ni " i.e if we give a female child to a man to marry we also give the vagina also" by wale ogbere

dan,  12:51 am  

i need a girl to practicalise that prophesy

yommitte007 9:05 am  

Oko nla, k'ise gbigbe mi obo omode....which means big penis can not be swallowed by small child vagina

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Anonymous,  1:57 pm  

Oko nle ri ,obo nbinu , ipade Di ori ibusun

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