Thursday, February 07, 2008

Haven't they got anything better to do?

Senators discussed the possibility of imposing a 6 month jail term for public nudity in the Upper House yesterday. It would be interesting to see a copy of the Bill to see how nudity/dress is defined. Would wearing of spaghetti tops warrant 6 months in the clink? How about the partial showing of knee or shoulder? There's very little sentient analysis of the discussion, so start here but don't expect any enlightenment.


Anonymous,  6:14 pm  

Jeremy, I think there's a clue in the article, with Senators INSISTING on stiffer punishment for nudity.

The stiffer the better I say, chaps!

Mr C 10:03 am  

Just as you said it: "Haven't they got anything better to do"?

Anonymous,  5:39 pm  

This is ridiculous. Absolutely Farcical. When will it end? Isn't there any rep. or senator with the sense to speak against this and rally others behind her/him? Common!

againstallformsofindecentdressing,  2:12 am  

Please don't mock.
This is a topical issue.
Very intelligent sermon by my pastor sums it up nicely.

Toni Payne 8:29 am  

the answer is no, they obviously have nothing better to do

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