Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Africa Have Your Say debate on nudity and sexual harassment

If you didn't catch it live yesterday, you can listen again here. Senator Ekaette admitted that it is her view that most women in Nigeria are raped because they wear provocative clothing. It also seems to be her view that nudity in local Nigerian cultures was something that took place in the stone age. The idea that men ought to take responsibility for their desires does not seem to be part of her world view.

I have plenty of pictures of the Abuja carnival which show traditional clothing (for men and women) which would not pass her criteria for decency. Are we now to ban these cultures?


Fred 3:47 pm  

Aren't there better things to do than this silly bill? WOMBAT (Waste of Money, Brains and Time).

Anonymous,  10:50 pm  

hi jeremy, i cant listen to the thing. i click on the link and it does not work... dunno if it is just me or if every one else is having the same problem...

Anonymous,  12:04 am  

I just listened to it, this woman is sick, there's absolutely no other explanation for this. Someone should take her for psychiatric help. And there should certainly be a bill against such stupidity.

Waffarian 1:17 am  

Jeremy thank you for this, I missed the show yesterday cos my internet kept acting up. Anyway, I have to say it was most entertaining, I almost died when she said "see through" and could not stop laughing when she was describing what "indecent dressing" was. Apart from the fact that her statements were pure comedy, I was disgusted by the man that phoned in from Lagos to say how he would not be able "control himself" etc, the most annoying part was he kept laughing when the Dr and even the moderator pointed out to him that that was his problem. That man's attitude I think, shows what the real problem is. He spoke with great vigour about how a woman should be dressed properly but "laughed" at the fact that he could not control himself. Why is everybody being so non chalant about that fact?

However, the most annoying part of the debate, was that she kept saying how "there was no law to punish rapists" and therefore, it is better to tackle the problem of indecent dressing so that when women are raped, they would not have to deal with the fact that the rapists will go free???????????????????? Does that argument seem logical to anybody? If there is no law to punish rapists, shouldn't that be something to work on? I did not understand any of her arguments, she would have been better off coming from a religious stand point, because every single argument she had, did not make any sense.

Well, now that I have heard her "live and direct", I am even more convinced that she is definitely not suitable for her present job. In fact, instead of trying to see reason with such a human being, it is better she is removed from such a position. I am continously baffled by our choice of representatives in that country. It is a mystery, a shame, a disgrace.

For the love of me 11:00 am  

I completely agree with waffarain. Her arguments made no sense.She should certainly be removed, I didn't even have the patience to listen to the end, it was too upsetting. She should have at least done some homework, most rapes are carried out by people you know either in their homes or yours so using rape as an excuse does not hold water.She also tried to go the way of culture but missed it when the caller(I cant remember where from )reminded her that covering up was never our culture in the first place.In most Akwa Ibom villages, where I am from and think she is from too, we still tie wrapper round our breasts, and half the time it doesnt reach your knee.We do not get RAPED for that. If these are the kind of lawmakers we have, where then is the way forward?

Anonymous,  1:34 pm  

Honestly, this thing is not funny anymore. Why can't she focus on doing something to protect women and children from rape? I can't believe this stuff! Aarrgghhh.

ababoypart2 2:24 pm  

I have hear that argument before - most women in Nigeria are raped because they wear provocative clothing. They say its the same as leaving your front door open and not expecting to get robbed. Its a poor one.

Barb,  4:29 pm  

What a friggin joke...she frets about female attire, meanwhile we're sitting on a very loudly ticking time bomb. Please try and watch this Channel Four piece on poverty in Lagos - before it is taken down.

Adekunle Shobowale 11:33 am  

What a Tosser.
Jeremy, back to important discussion jare. Are you going to post the pictures of the Abuja Carnival that won't pass certain Criteria of Public Decency? You really need to ehm... drive your point home mate.

Anonymous,  2:48 pm  

one word LOSSER

Oloche 5:57 pm  

public nudity should be banned, allowing it is to encourage anarchy and immorarity and lawlessness

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