Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That perfect Yahoozee video..

I'm still trawling through YouTube to find the paradigm example of Yahoozee dancing. None of these are really cutting it:


Can someone please record themselves and put it online?


Anonymous,  7:50 pm  

hey you.

i haven't seen many good yahooze dancers but type in 'lorile' (another naij song). therz a girl dancing to it and she incorporates yahooze moves and dirty wine steps too.

shez quite good plus the song is lovely so enjoy. the song is by x-project so you probably know it.

alero,  8:36 pm  

You are right, none of those videos to that mega dance justice.

I searched online too, but really could not find anything good.

I have a video of myself and some friends breaking it down in a parking lot in Houston, but I am not quite ready to go famous yet...

wienna,  4:17 pm  

Erm...J...why don't u lead by videotaping yourself, then others would follow. I'd love to see an oyibo man doing it sef. I guarantee you that it will get a million views.

2plus2 8:47 pm  

Na wa o! Eh, I could not stop myself laughing. Please keep it coming even the man in the last video clip with his tummy, singlet and all. Na wa, people no have shame.

Omo Alagbede 9:17 am  


Have you see this: Chinese girl speaking Naija pidgin, singing Yahoozee, and cussing in Yoruba. We're taking over the world men. Just imagine if one billion chinese learnt Yoruba... that's beyond globalisation, it is NEO-COLONIALISM!!!


And this is the best Naija dance video ever, incorporating generous doses of Yahoozee...
I'm already taking tutorials

Waffarian 12:53 am  

I can't believe you missed this guy:


ink 7:10 pm  

u nko?

i kid. i kid.


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