Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nudity Bill - Opening page


Talatu-Carmen 5:12 pm  

two inches below the shoulder???????? Below the top of the shoulder? That would outlaw most existing tailored blouses for most women--especially those who are tall like me. Mrs Ekaete, being a woman, should realize that one's breasts do NOT start 2 inches below the shoulder! Habba!

Anonymous,  7:27 pm  

someone needs to knock this woman and the other people that are involved in this bill really really hard on their heads. what sort of rubbish is this? we dont have good roads, no infrastructure,education is poor etc etc etc and she is focusing on dressing?

I can understand the bit about sexual intimidation - i think that area needs legislation but what is 120k as a fine for sexual intimidation? i dont think money should be an option.

people!!! we need to do whatever we can to fight this indecent dressing rubbish... i am really scared of what can happen if this thing becomes law...

Anonymous,  11:50 pm  

my question is what can we do, we've all got to team up and fight this one, cos it can jokingly become law and I can just imagine what women would be put through by a society that already has little respect for them. I'm getting depressed.

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