Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good article on Madam Senator and her bill

Here. Thanks JG for the link. Anyone seen the WS article yet?


Anonymous,  11:10 am  

It's a nicely written piece, thanx Jeremy for keeping this issue alive, I worry that it isnt getting the attention I expected it to get particularly in blogsville. Perhaps Nigerians are just tired of all the madness around. I however wonder if I am just blind or something cos frankly I do not see scantily dressed women in Lagos,I live there, I frequent the banks,unilag,the market and people dress pretty well to me, perhaps in places like galleria and clubs, women may show some flesh but are they not expected to in those places?
An average girl in Lagos wears jeans, what with all the okadas and danfos you have to run after, so its rare to see people in mini-skirts going about the city.At least I dont see them.I really dont understand what all the talk is about, even these bankers everyone complains dont go about semi nude, they are most often corporately dressed, I think they have simply been sterotyped.Perhaps in Abuja it's different.

Waffarian 1:17 pm  

@anonymous, it has been discussed and is still being discussed on different blogs, although I agree with you that the response has not been as "loud" as I expected it to be. This might be due to the fact that the "outrage" was already expressed when Lagos police men arrested women, for the same thing, "indecent dressing". I guess it is not new any more, now its just a pain in the ass.

However, I'd like to see more men get involved in the debate. It seems everytime this kind of topic comes up, they all go into hiding.Kudos to Jeremy for getting in on it!

2plus2 8:57 pm  

You will get rewards in heaven Jeremy.

Anonymous,  10:26 am  

Jeremy thanks for keeping this issue alive. It is important that we keep it alive. I know some people that because we have already expressed our outrage viz the Lagos scene, but we need to sustain our outrage and make sure the issue doesn't die down. We have to keep it at the forefront of our mind on the bill is thrown out.

I know some Lawyers are saying it is unconstitutional, but the fact that the bill was tabled in the first place is a pause for reflection and the fact that the whole week was spent debating the issue in the legislature is an interesting cause for concern.

We have to keep the issue alive. For those of us living in Abuja, I hope you'll let us know when the public reading will be so that we can attend. The more people the better.

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