Monday, February 11, 2008

The repairmen of Abuja

Nice little photo thing on the BBC's website here. Thanks Indar for the link. Pretty much all the electronic equipment we own has blown up in Nigeria: fridge, stereo, tv, printers, computers, ipod sound dock, juicer, kettle. 4-500 volt surges are not uncommon. These guys are heroes, sweating all day in the Wuse sun to fix the things that get blown up..


Omo Alagbede 8:13 pm  

Hmm, the repairmen of abuja! Finally, inspiration to start my short essay on the Nigerian exconomy... have had that idea for a bit. thanks for posting this Jeremy.

nneoma 8:38 pm  

thanks for the is inspiring, that is the ingenuity of Nigerians

indar ph 4:52 pm  

GTZ (German development agency) have a project to "promote entrepreneurs in Naija". This is completely nonsensical; Nigerians are excellent entrepreneurs, whereas the "consultants" running the GTZ project didn't have a clue how to do anything practical or useful. They are good at making money (for themselves) out of (doing) nothing though.

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