Friday, February 29, 2008

Back in the day... (from Housekeeping Monthly, 1955)

Its a bit similar to being a 'tray wife' in Nigeria nowadays abi?


Sandrine 6:56 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I loved it.I printed it for my husband.One can always dream!
Are the underlined section for Bibi?Just joking!
Take care.

Anonymous,  7:26 pm  

The blue print for a 'Stepford wife'.

Hilarious nonsense!!!

Anonymous,  9:05 pm  

As a young woman, it is very worrying that my peers are reverting back to the so called 'Golden Age' of the ideal nuclear family. No wonder we have not made a major advancement in women's rights in Nigeria. I am at a loss as to who is to blame for this viewpoint?

Idemili 10:59 am  

I tried to imagine myself living in this era. I just realised I would have been in jail. After my husband 'ran into my knife 10 times'.

Adaure 1:17 pm  

ilanon 9.05 -- you can't blame em. Sadly, this is the sort of thing some pastors and 'pastor's wives' preach to their women folk and they back it up with bible verses. Now when it comes to that, you can't argue anymore o....
On the other hand some lines in there can be useful, like planning ahead, decluttering and LISTENING

Ms. Catwalq 4:40 pm  

There is a way that I am happy to be have been born in 1984....

Is it just me who thinks the man for whom the woman in this piece is to cater to is quite a baby and most likely not too interesting?

oh, and have u seen MAD MEN?

Anonymous,  7:28 pm  

The option is the Western version of feminism, where women feel that they have to prove themselves 'equivalent' to men. What this means is that every woman looks down on house work, prefers instead to remain at work instead of taking care of her man and her family, and of course at the end of the day, all the man needs is some TLC. Since he cannot get this at home, he cheats and they end up getting divorced. That's what marriages in societies like the US and UK are all about.


I prefer the 1950s model, thank you very much.

*Awaiting assault from delusional cyber-feminists.

Anonymous,  7:44 pm  

Actually anon, he cheats here in naija too- inspite of the subservient man pleasing wife. he goes outside instead for excitement and resistance- the difference being of course, that they dont nigeria, (like the '55 model ), teaches the wife to be long suffering.

Anonymous,  12:46 am  

anon 7:44, what is the % of Nigerian men who cheat, and compare that with the number in the West, and you'll realize that Nigerian men are angels. On average, an Americqan man has slept with every desperate housewife on his street.

Anonymous,  10:52 am  

Anon 12.46. and you don't think a naija man hasn't. He has as well as the little groundnut seller girl, his wife's bestfriend, the househelp, his step-sister and the stray dog down the road (but then again, they are in company). Men are the same all over the world. they are socialise to think that women belong to them and they should be ready and available when they come home in the evening, wake up in the morning. Men are the same the world over. so quit putting Nigerian men on a padestal. You all ain't worth shit!

And before you have a retort, I am not a feminist. Most feminists are not angry at individual men, but the institutions of patriarchy that they direct their anger and hatered (and rightly so). It is us the non-feminist who have deep seated hatered for men, but we haven't thought of a way to do with them.


JJ 3:24 pm  

Scary! The last item just irks me every time i hear it. What exactly is her place???

Anonymous,  4:32 pm  

@ 7:28 - I believe I am one of those "delusional cyber-feminists". Women do not strive to be equal to men but seek to be treated as a human being and partake in this world. Why does every debate come to imperialism and neo-colonialism via the Western model?

Patrice,  5:07 pm  

I think this was written with tongue firmly in cheek.

Anonymous,  1:44 am  

At anonymous 4:32, last time I checked, women in Nigeria are treated wll, and their marriages are much happier than the ones I have seen here in the West, where every man is shagging his neighbor down the road and everything in between, while the wife is also swapping fluids with every co-worker in her office building.

Give me the Nigerian model any day.

Anonymous,  1:46 pm

good article here about it...

note the real adive to women "be a domestic goddess"...
that sounds familiar. Have we really come so far?

Anonymous,  9:41 pm  

chimo! i was nodding my head in agreement, saying this stuff is not so bad, i don't mind doing this stuff...but i was positively aghast at the end!
may this not be my portion in life...amen. the sad thing is some men are raised by their mothers to expect such rubbish and then when they get married to correct headed women, katakata will burst lol. how do you discuss such expectations before marriage.

the same happened to my uncle when he got married, even his own father didnt know where his expectations came from! luckily they were able to sort things out... a man expecting proper pounded yam everyday when his wife works, has kids, no maid and dude is not even making reasonable money. the poor woman was bewildered

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