Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shit business is big business

The Nigeria Tourist Development Corporation's latest big idea.


Plenty Flenjo 3:33 pm  

That's definitely a step in the right direction

RJ 6:13 pm  

True talk Flenjo...

bisola,  8:16 pm  

Is it me or did otunba runsewe sound like a complete idiot in that write up?

Anyhoo! Olujeremi! Olujeremi!! Olujeremii!!! I haven't seen your wife's break lights in my store o! And i know you've been coming to lagos ehn! what kind of birthday mate are you if you can't support a sistah??

Dami 1:34 am  

where do they dump the dump when it's filled up?
hope its not by the roadside!

good biz

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