Friday, February 22, 2008

Update for the diaspora

Gra Gra is no longer a la mode. We on the continent now say Grags.

For the non-Nigerians among us: Grags (formerly known as Gra Gra) refers to someone who blows a lot of grammar, makes a lot of noise, poses, postures and pretends, but tends to be low on real content or significance. In a sentence, one would say 'x has too much grags.'

So now you now.


Anonymous,  9:56 am  

did you just make that up jeremy? I LIVE here, am 100percent naija and i ain't NEVA heard this before. altho, perhaps, i'm the one who's out of it...

(if indeed you hipping me to latest trend, then merci my brotha. but if it turns out to be the opposite...)

Anonymous,  11:31 am  

@ anon...
haba, 'grags' a bonafide naija kexicon!!
tho for jeremy's educ., i could have sworn it meant one was horny!! i.e say to my husband- 'i'm very gragged o'
now you 'know'!!

Anonymous,  11:47 am  

grags is an old one! refers to someone who likes to makes an impression. It doesn't necessarily mean you don't have content, but more, you want the whole world to know what you're made off. you always want people take note of your action (content or contentless). Gregs is a marked feature of many a new Nigerian male who just like ephezy (showing off too much).

never heard of horny and grags o!

Anonymous,  12:51 pm  

fyi grags means horny jermy not blowing to much grammer thats for my generation anyway,Im with D,lol!

Oby,  1:11 pm  

amongst more crew under 30s grags is as anon 3 describes. Perhaps there are multiple meaning. you learn everyday.

Jaja 6:23 pm  

All this is just a clear case of mud and muddlemet. Tantamount to information mismangement and dastard rascality...

from this side gra gra simple means- Too do, gbaza queen, poke-noser
Bombast+high level tout-ery

Anonymous,  10:13 pm  


Grags is so twentieth century- it was a school slang in the 90's for us

nneoma 10:56 pm  

"All this is just a clear case of mud and muddlemet. Tantamount to information mismangement and dastard rascality..."

i fell off my chair laughing from this one...but yeah, thanks for the update.....

Ms. Catwalq 7:49 pm  

why thank you dear my vocab has grown...

u know I still love u right?

MsMak,  7:37 am  

Grags is definitely old... i've been using it since '94 or '95.

Grags (just like razz) does have multiple meanings. It generally refers to someone who is overly excited or energetic, or a loud poser e.g "Abeg, the guy get too much grags" or "which kin grags dey do you?"

Saymama 10:46 am  

I'm just hearing of all these interpretations of gra gra for the first time o..including your definition Jeremy. As far as I know and in my 'circle of use' gra gra means someone displaying some for of aggression or someone who does not do something with patience but with force..e.g. 'that girl's gra gra is too much'..
...and as for it meaning horny? na wa

obariba from,  6:47 am  

gragra means ..ogboju ....or open eye ....bully !!!!

'Gbenga,  7:57 pm  

Sura de tailor to 'Major' after their respective wards (Sura's daughter amd Major's niece) had had an altercation and major had seemed to take sides:

"Ah Major, istead of you to settle the quarrel, you are just 'gragravating' the matter!"

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