Sunday, February 03, 2008

Penis theft on the rise again in FCT

Someone should really sit down and do an analysis of this phenomenon.

Who needs theatre when everyday life is such drama?


Anonymous,  2:00 pm  

My fellow students just saw this headline and said: "Warrahell is penis theft"

I could not explain to them (at least not with a straight face).

CS 3:39 pm  

Hello Naijablog!
Think your blog is fantastic! Would like to replicate on our website "Central Station" as a featured blog.
Website will officially be up on the 23rd of February.

Anonymous,  3:59 pm  

for real?

Waffarian 8:11 pm  

I couldn't stop laughing...the whole story was just too much...and the way it was written serious...abeg, make una hook me up with that "penis dealer", I know plenty penis out there that nobody will miss! heheheh.

Anonymous,  9:26 pm  

GRS - Genital Retraction Syndrome, better known as 'koro'.

Get us some stats, Jeremy.....

Talatu-Carmen 6:14 am  

lol... actually, have you seen Jeanne-Pierre Bekolo's film Quartier Mozart? It plays with this "penis stealing phenomenon" by having a witch transform herself into a man who goes around shaking men's hands and making their genitals disappear. Fabulous film

Jeremy 9:25 am  

CS - by all means replicate on Central Station, thanks.

Mr C 5:34 pm  

That was a funny one. I think this story simple reflects the mental state of the nations oppressed.
It need to be checked.
About two weeks ago, I heard of some dude (around bar beach) who slashed off his own penis because so spirit told him to.

Gorgeous Black Women 5:38 pm  

...or was it just an extra cold day?

Anonymous,  8:12 pm  

i wish one of these days we wud finally see photos (police shots of the missing penis).... or at least someone who steps forward and says 'i touched the area and looked for the penis but he was right, there was nothing there.

Chxta 4:26 pm

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