Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nigerian Feminists Forum Press Release on Ekiti

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Nigerian Feminist Forum (NFF) has watched with alarm as the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) for Ekiti state Chief Mrs Olusola Ayoka Adebayo a 74 widow has been unable to declare the results of the just concluded election re-run for 64 wards in ten local governments in Ekiti state.

We call on the Federal Government to guarantee the safety and personal security of the REC for Ekiti state to enable her to announce the results in which the actions of the state government have made this very difficult for her to do.

In the course of her executing her duties, Chief Mrs Olusola Ayoka Adebayo has in the last few days faced, intimidation, threat to life, bullying and public humiliation. This show of organised and systematic collusion with security agencies and others does not bode well for organisations working to encourage women into senior decision making and governance positions especially as we prepare for the elections in 2011.

The NFF joins other concerned Nigerians including the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in reminding INEC of its legal responsibility to the people of Nigeria. At the same time, we draw attention to the call this evening by the Inspector General of Police, Mr Mike Mbamali Okiro in declaring the REC Chief Mrs Olusola Ayoka Adebayo wanted suggesting that she “must make herself available to the Nigerian Police within 24 hours”....

Due to overwhelming pressure, the REC, Chief Mrs Olusola Ayoka Adebayo first went into hiding, been declared too ill to continue with the task at hand by the INEC Chairman, Professor Iwu and then later this afternoon had tendered her resignation in a letter dated April 28th written to the President. Her letter of resignation expresses that her conscience would not allow her to change the natural course of the elections results in Ekiti state as requested by powerful forces.

As a senior female public servant in which women constitute roughly 70% of the workforce it is imperative that Chief Mrs Olusola Ayoka Adebayo is given all the support she needs in attempting to do what is right and not what the “god fathers” want her to declare.
Women working in the public sector need to know that there is security of the person, freedom of expression and threat to life would be taken very seriously by the necessary agencies whilst working in such sensitive positions.


Anonymous,  9:11 am  

Gosh. I feel so helpless. What can one to support the unsolicited, underserved courage of this remarkable woman?

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