Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The images from the pre-G20 take me back to all the protests of the 1990s - Reclaim the Streets, June 18th.

Never has the movement against corporate greed and the search for a new way of planetary living been so necessary.


Sugabelly 9:57 pm  

jeremy, i tried to email you, but apparently your nobodadi email doesn't work :(

dapxin 11:00 pm  

ki ni won fe ?

Ms. Catwalq 12:19 am  

u think there's going to be a difference?

Anonymous,  2:36 am  

lol, ok man

Chxta 2:06 pm  

I have to agree with Catwalq here. There will be no difference.

Lost at The End 3:04 pm  

I saw a guy from the riot yesterday shouting at the camera: "The police hit me. I am 18 years old. Yes, they are hitting children and 18 year-olds."

I respect his courage and all but why cry foul. Since when did it become child abuse to hit an 18-year-old?

I was tickled.

Jeremy 3:42 pm  

Protest is always important, and always makes a difference, even when it makes no difference. Example: when we all marched against the war in Iraq in 2003 - all x million of us, it had no impact. Blair went ahead. BUT, it made all the difference in the world. Blair didn't listen. His reputation and legacy was damanged forever. The voice of the people can always be repressed, but rarely is it suppressed forever.

The point of the G20 protests is it is the opportunity for everyday people (not just hoodie anarchos) to register their discontent. It disrupts the symbolic order, and is always reminds those in power of the possibility of revolution. The sheer logistics of the security effort to keep the G20 bigwigs safe reminds the government of the need to keep the public on board.

Protests like those yesterday and today make a huge difference, even if they make no difference.

dapxin 4:08 pm  

so they are protesting their status and annoucing their presence/importance?

hmm. I get that.

Rising from my Ashes 4:54 pm  

It would have been better were it to have been co-ordinated across the globe with participants on ground in all countries...much stronger signal of the fever we are all feeling.

I just hope that what ever is decided at the meeting ...that each leader will not return home and revert to a protectionist agenda in terms of whats best for his/her country as opposed to whats best for the world. We are one.

btw: I saw Mrs Okonjo Iweala - (in her capacity as possibly the MD of the WB or the African rep) - on CNN - at the photo shoot with the first wives even though Naija was shut out. That lady should be Nigerias president. Ill vote for her and I think she's the best minister Nigeria has ever had

Rising from my Ashes 5:02 pm  

"Blair went ahead. BUT, it made all the difference in the world. Blair didn't listen. His reputation and legacy was damanged forever. "

Good point although he may be trying to repair that damage considering the work he is doing with his foundation especially (or and in addition to his status as a member of the mid east quartet)....

BTW: and thats why I think the world needs CREDIBLE leaders (and now I am talking about Nigeria) who value their reputation not like the nonsense we have in Nigeria...And I can't wait to see what the future model of banking will be...

tee,  5:32 pm  

the G20 promised a 1.1 trillion gloabal stimulus....question where are they getting the money to meet this target? japan promised 100 million .. yet they are supposedly in a serious recession .... more or less the same for europe...
also,why is half of it going to the imf ... apperently to allow smaller/poor nations to have access to credit lines, but isnt that going back to the cycle of always owing the West too much money ?
are there better alternatives ?
and does stricter regulation of tax havens not threaten the economies of the carribean islands that relly heavily on their status as such places??

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