Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swords into ploughshares

A couple of inspiringly practical projects on African Loft right now:

Cows to Kilowatts - a Nigerian entrepreneur converts animal waste into cooking gas.
Pavestones from plastic - a business in Mali creates bricks made from plastic waste and sand in Mopti.

Meanwhile, a question: I'm not sure why people are blaming the 'credit crunch' on all kinds of situations in Nigeria. There was never any credit available in Nigeria, so how can it now have been crunched?


Iredotp 1:54 pm  

Ask me o! I do not understand the Nigerian crunch either. When the only things the Nigerian populance have ever crunched are bones and ponmo!While the filthy rich rulers munch on caviar. Maybe it should be called credit munch 'abi'?


Cows to Kilowats will not work. I have a better programme for Nigeria. We will engage the British government to help build, operate and transfer nuclear generating plants all across the federation. There will be a completely functional national grid. This will be priority before anything else. We are in an emergency. My programmes will be outlined shortly. All hands should now be on the deck.
I will be your president insha Allah.

MsMak,  2:57 pm  

What? LOL! "Isa Yuguda 4 President"? Is this how Nigeria's shady politicians plan on engaging the younger generation? Please spare us!

Lost at The End 4:23 pm  

@ Isa:

"Cows to Kilowats will not work." Why? Because you "will have a better programme?" I don't get it.


Well, times have changed. I intend to do an outstanding and heroic job in dealing with what is our biggest problem right now. Cows to kilo is not appropriate on a large scale. I am talking about standing our national grid up. We need a permanenet solution to this crisis. Ill be outlining my programs and platform in due course.

me,  6:22 pm  

Yes Lost at The End, absolutely no research was needed to reach that conclusion......... obviously this guy has all the answers that noone else does......

Anonymous,  7:56 pm  

Isa Yuguda 4 president its ppl like you that we need to eliminate in nigeria.

God punsih u and ur isa yuguda no near that place.


You should vote for me anonymouse. Do you know why? Because I am Yaraduas Son. I will be president insha Allah.

Baba,  8:18 pm  

I wonder how "Cows to Kilowatts" is going to work if the society abstains from rearing animals and eating meat.

Baba,  9:03 pm  

Mr. Isa Yuguda, little side note but you may want to initially review your blogger profile for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors before outlining your programs.

'Derin,  10:07 pm  

I'm quite disturbed, is Isa for real? He can barely string a sentence together, and certainly cannot articulate why cows to kilowatts won't work and why we should vote for him.... please tell me it's a prank. PLEASE. I'm terribly afraid for my country.

Anonymous,  10:28 pm  

It doesn't have to be cow dung. It could be human feaces as well. So, the world can still be Vegan.

Jeremy 10:44 pm  

@Derin - of course this is not THE Yuguda. Just a bit of id-theft dressed up as comedy. Innit.


Dont mind Dr Jeremy Weate oh. You know he is from an advanced country and may not understand my grammar. I am the real Yuguda and dressed up like me. Yes!

And to my dear anonymouse, thanks for cursing me. God bless you.

And as for you Derin, I too am afraid for my country oh.

But I shall be president insha Allah. Thats why I married Yaraduas daughter.

Ill present my programmes shortly insha Allah.

All hands on deck.

Dont you all love the grammar of your future president.

Ill continue here

If you are interested follow me on there. This blonger (abi how do you spell blonger) thing sef I no like. Ba chau blogger.


Time is now. We will wipe out all corrupt politicians by elimination and recover all stolen loot. All former heads of states will be brought to justice. All former governors and administrators of states too. All chairmen of LGAs etc and down the chain of command. There will be eliminated publicly by firing squad. Never again will their be such a scale of corruption. Its time to move forward. We will use some of the money collected from the past leaders in rebuilding this country. More to follow. My programs are beinhg outlined on my blog.
Time is now.

corruption1 10:16 am  

Yuguda is on our list. He cant be president.

N.I.M.M.O 10:55 am  

Jeremy, I don't know why you say there was never any credit available in Nigeria.

What about all those Toyota Corollas and other Toyota models you see everywhere on our roads? Do you think people -and companies-bought them with their own money?

If that's not credit, tell me what is? Many of our 'Emergency Big Men' are returning those cars to the banks now because they can't keep up with the payments.

What about all those who bought shares with loans? Margin trading or what is it called again?

If that was not credit, tell me what is.

N.I.M.M.O 10:56 am  


How else do you spell comic relief?

My World 12:50 pm  

This is unbelievable.......
Say what? cows to kilowatts?
Thanks for sharing,truly we need a messiah.....


Walahi this is no be comic relief. Walahi. I am the messiah walahi. See I marry oga pikin abi what else again. I shall be president Insha Allah.

tee,  2:15 am  

lol at yugunda.. dude is CLEARLY high!! jokes

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