Monday, April 20, 2009

Researching Nigeria: mid-May workshop coming up

forwarded message:

Workshop Announcement: Researching Nigeria

This email is to announce a small workshop for researchers on Nigeria which will hold in mid-May in London. This one-day event will provide the opportunity for junior scholars to share ideas, approaches and practical advice about working on (and in) Nigeria.

For those who do not work on Nigeria or are not in the UK, please circulate this announcement to those who might be interested.

Below, we introduce the workshop and ask for some information from interested individuals.

We are inviting researchers who focus on contemporary Nigeria and/or those who do field work in Nigeria. All disciplines are welcome, and we expect participation from politics, anthropology, sociology, international relations, security studies, and development studies.

This workshop targets PhD students and recently completed PhDs. Others are certainly welcome to attend, but will not receive reimbursement for their travel.

The workshop seeks to provide the opportunity for researchers to discuss ideas and exchange information. We will organize a few panels to structure the time a bit, while leaving plenty of time for group discussion and informal interactions.

We’re still working on the program, and its contents will reflect the interests of those who decide to participate. We will likely have panels on some broadly defined substantive issues, methodological challenges, and practical field work strategies. Several participants will be asked to speak on the panels—presentations will be short and should require little formal preparation.

We have a small budget. We will try to reimburse PhD students and junior post-doctoral researchers located outside London for their train travel. Lunch will be provided.

The workshop will be held on May 14 or 15 at King’s College London. We will start mid-morning and finish around 5pm.

Information we need
Please reply to this message (to Thomas and me, not everyone) as soon as possible if you would like to attend.

1. Name

2. University and department

3. Status, year, etc. (eg. 2nd yr PhD)

4. Topic of your research

5. Length, location and brief description of any past or intended field work in Nigeria

6. What you would like to discuss or see covered in the workshop

7. Cost of travel to London (if you need reimbursement)

8. May 14 or May 15, or no preference

Please forward on this message to other researchers working on Nigeria who might be interested in attending. We have only a very partial list.

We look forward to seeing you all in London!

Alexandra Gillies Thomas Hansen

Cambridge University King’s College London


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