Saturday, April 18, 2009

Posing in Barca


Nzeit 8:29 pm  

Ms. Too Cool:)

L-VII 8:33 pm  

Looking like an EPL footballer....

J,  9:18 pm  

Fine boy no pimples.

Anonymous,  10:02 pm  

Portrait of The Academic As A Young Man.

Waffarian 11:13 pm  

where u bin dey go?

Rising from my Ashes 9:52 am  

Nigerian upper class hipster maybe? Oh yes, black is cool!

Anonymous,  11:04 am  

You actually look good. Strangely. But come o, are you allergic to a shave? For real?

Mogaji 2:45 pm  

PIMP! but yeah the beard needs to go!

Chili Pepa 6:23 pm  

Honestly, I'm loving this ' I'm-immune-to-the-world's-stress' look. Uber-cool!


hey, hey, hey! u r l@@king 2fab. take it easy, or those man-hungry naija chicks will kidnap and hold you hostage for a long, long time :)

Anonymous,  12:49 am  

maybe bafroom silpers will come back in fashion.

Lost at The End 5:03 am  

Slippers and suit...Hmmm...Still thinking.

Anonymous,  10:30 am  

wot r u all sayin? jeremy's lookin hot hot hot!!
from d deconstructed suit, v-neck tee to d chilled slippers. he jus screams "i'm hot; i'v got it; i know it!"

Anonymous,  9:55 pm  

'flip'ing hot!

AnyaPosh 4:24 am  

why did you ruin a perfect photo with flip-flops? kai, this guy, you no try...upon all the chandelier na slippers you knack on top?! look natty.

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