Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lagos State to train 250 commercial sex workers..

When I see headlines like this, the imagination goes wild. I can see a progressive functionary nestled somewhere in a file-strewn room in Alausa, imploring Fashola: "look, we can't stop them being prostitutes, so we might as well make them really good prostitutes while we are at it." My mind then cuts to images of working girls being trained en masse at unrolling condoms onto wooden dildos, and perhaps geisha girls being flown in to demonstrate the perfect pre-coital tea ceremony. Definitely an innovative form of capacity building..

Ok I should stop. Can someone tell me how Nigeria ended up with "Women Affairs" instead of "Women's Affairs"? Come to think of it, when is a woman's affair not also a man's affair? Perhaps they should change it to the Ministry of Gender Relations. More seriously, I like the twang of "Ministry for the Empowerment of Women", known as MEW for short.


Akin 5:36 pm  

Oh! Jeremy,

Your imagination as really run off without you in the first paragraph, I could not compose myself enough to get to the second. :-)



Nzeit 9:23 pm  

Jeremy, you no kill me:)

Rising from my Ashes 9:29 pm  

Akin is reslly funny. More seriously I was thinking of a similar question in terms of duplicity. I was thinking of why Dora Akunyili's ministry had to be the one proposing the project to redeem naija's image in the world, should it be not the foreign affairs ministry?

We have missions in many countries and with such an established network it will make the implementation more rapid and effective...

But back to the sex workers, I hope the training will be part of a wider strategy that engages with a view to involving them in other projects, I hope.

'd,  12:33 am  

on the subject of women affairs, back in the day the term 'minister for women affairs' was slang for a womanizer.

Moody Crab 12:53 am  

Something similar is in the pipeline for sex workers in the UK. I think it's an Open University program on being an efficient (think being biz minded, an entrepreneur, health conscious .e.t.c not the act of reversed cow girl) sex worker.

Not bad, methinks. Now let's see how that unfolds...

dapxin 6:59 am  

just the same way we ended up with a dead b00di president...

una imagination reach turbo sha.

Chxta 8:32 am  

I had similar thoughts when I saw the headline. Let me not go a step further...

Anonymous,  5:46 am  

But there is nothing new about training for commercial sex workers. We already have an extensive nationwide programme for that.

Its called university.

van dhy 3:32 pm  


thats good, waiting 4 u other post

Iredotp 6:51 pm  

@ anonymous, do Universities also train the male ones? I never knew that!I thought it was an inborn ability for the male prostitutes.

Chairman,  11:33 am  

Lol at anonymous. Those Universities ehn, In 5 years time when these present lot graduate, Housewives are in deep shit. lol

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