Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bonhams African art sale today

Includes some Enwonwus. The Bonhams list page is worth having a look. I would have uploaded this earlier but I was not in bandwidth..


Lost at The End 6:26 pm  

Is it just me or does the painting that accompanies this post look Gauguin?

dapxin 2:21 am  

not in bandwidth ?

*lols*. new phrase of the day.

By the way, do you have cfos Speed installed. get it here

It should enhance your lame line by a considerable margin.

+ Have you used Opera Turbo on your line too ?

Finally change your DNS to OpenDNS.

Email me if you need more tips, but those would jumpstart you a distance...

Anonymous,  3:02 am  

any news on the auction in lagos on april 6 by art house comtemporary. i want to see how sokari douglas-camp's stuff sold for.

David Engel 5:37 am  

Interesting posting. Keep up the good work.

David Engel

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