Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oloshi oloriburuku

I finally worked out how to spell/pronounce oloshi oloriburuku (to non-Yoruba speakers, this is a choice curse word - please leave your translation in the comments). On typing it in to Oogle, I came across Nasarawa State government's enconium to Sani Abacha. The curse word is in the comments.

Why does almost everyone spell Nasarawa "Nassarawa" by the way? Perhaps the State Government should put an advert out in the newspapers:

"Look you lot, its one S not two SS's. Signed, Management, State Government of Nasarawa."


Anonymous,  12:02 pm  

Iwo gaan ni oloshi oloriburuku. Translate that yourself!


Richard,  4:13 pm  

I tried reading that NaSarawa panegyric to the evil dictator (bless his heart, LOL) and frankly I couldn't get past the third paragraph.
If there was a better (perhaps I should say worse?) curse than the one above, and mind you I don't do curses, that Abacha minion deserves it.
Indeed, 'ko ni daa fun' that guy as long as t'ori e o ba pe.

Ms. Catwalq 3:31 am  

What I find most entertaining is imagining how long you have been trying to work that out...did you ask any Yoruba people for help?
cos this one is pretty standard stuff.

Anonymous,  9:12 pm  

oloshi ni e kini yi 12 ni mi. mo, mo lati so Yoruba
she furanra
you are the stupid fool what is this i am 12 and i can speak Yoruba
do it ur self lolz

Anonymous,  8:36 pm  

The people leaving comments are too rude someone ask you for help you insult them. Ki lo se le?

Anonymous,  6:03 pm  

Does anyone know what

'Oloshi ni e' means?

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