Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nkem marries Chikodili

Slide-show of the Igba-Nkwu yesterday in Oba, Anambra State.


Kpakpando 12:20 am  

I remember having some great time in Oba when I was much younger, especially our trips to Rojenny, I hope the place is till fully operational.

Nzeit 6:29 am  

Love the color combo. Which one of them has Ghanaian heritage?

Also, the Dancer picture. I might be mistaken but the person in the Dancer picture is a Dude. Masquerade, perhaps? If so that picture is a dissertation waiting to happen.

joicee 10:42 am  

OMG...She is gorgeous
Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Lost at The End 4:46 pm  

Eye candy! Lovely photos. The person that has the benin-princess-like bead shawl on the shoulder is a transvestite, right?

Waffarian 4:53 pm  

Beautiful couple!

The man looks so tall, handsome and regal... a true Igbo Prince...

As for the Lady...one word:DELICIOUS!

Igbo kwenu! Igbo Kwenu! Kwezwenu!!!(hopefully, thats the right spelling)

Congrats to both of them, may the Lord bless them with MANY strong Igbo babies!

(okay, I don praise reach, meanwhile, can somebody please hook me up with the man in the leopard skin thingy? that belly peeping out is really getting me all hot and bothered oh...I can cook, clean, I will scratch his back and so much more!)

Anonymous,  6:38 pm  

Waffy: He is already married! He is the Igwe of Enugu Ukwu. He came back from America to ascend the throne after his father died. He does not eat or talk in public. He looks like he could impregnate you with his eyes. He's GORGE!!! Nkem jokingly said to me "There goes your would-have-been-husband. Too bad he was too slow!"


P.S: Thanks for the compliments everyone.

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

those pictures are beautiful.

what is the Ghanian connection thou? I thot they were both igbo initially but so many people were wearing Ghanian style clothes.

Mogaji 11:32 pm  

Would someone explain the man dressed in female clothing. What's the symbolism?

Anonymous,  3:00 pm  

and more importantly, can someone explain who these people are meant to be? Thanks

Lost at The End 4:25 pm  


Are you kidding me? That man that looks like a Disney version of the African leopard?

Anonymous,  8:36 pm  

lol @ Lost the Other End.

Anonymous,  10:22 pm  


Beautiful pictures. So rich in colour.

I don tot mean to be disrespectful, but who are these people?

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