Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Burma Boys

Olly Owen and Robin Forestier-Walker have been making a doc on the Nigerian soldiers who fought as part of the 81st and 82nd divisions during WW2. These heroes have been written out of history (they don't have a pukka media-genic Joanna Lumley figure to speak for them). Apart from Biyi Bandele's recent novel, no one remembers them.

Watch the trailer here.

Geez on the left is Private African Banana.


akaBagucci 6:35 pm  

Nice one Jeremy. Hopefully they get the recognition it seems they deserve..

Nkem,  8:44 pm  

If only there had been images interlaced with Lawrence Olivier's Shakepearean tones in that classic documentary.

TRYBES 1:19 am  

It is only in Nigeria that heroes who slaved their whole lives for the country are denied the benefits of all their labor and hardwork..

Good mention bro..keeep the good work up!

Daniel 2:09 am  

Are there any descendants still in Burma? I wouldn't mind finding some ansd chatting with them.

Daniel 2:11 am  

I follow Burma very closely and live on the border with Thailand.

Naughty Eyes 5:26 am  

You'd think our veterans never had a hand in war history what with they way they are usually forgotten.

This documentary makes me wonder why the Nigerian film industry hasn't really looked into developing war-time documentation especially of the countless stories that were woven into such perilous situations...

Anonymous,  7:31 pm  

wow, i thought about this guys.

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