Sunday, August 02, 2009

Parental Advisory

There has been a stir in the past week or so about the Zain office-love pictures. The rumour was that it was a director at Zain Nigeria and one his subordinates on an away day. However, it turns out that it was an illicit session with staff from Zain Kenya. Be careful when you take your camera into the bedroom folks..


Anonymous,  9:00 pm  

Please get your Zain locales straight. It was neither Kenya nor Nigeria.

Anonymous,  1:24 pm  

Actually, I'm not sure what the big deal is. Two adults engage in consensual sex (is it not?) and someone invades their privacy by plastering pictures on the internet. I'm not sure why this is a story. If either party has been unfaithful to another partner, that's their issue to sort out. These aren't public figures, and I don't see how it's anybody's business. And unless their romps were getting in the way of work. This is worse than the British red-tops.

Anonymous,  1:48 pm  

Moral: Don't have sex when practising photography.

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