Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Media and Journalism Conference at the Pan-African University

Your favourite oyinbo/onyeocha/bature blogger will be speaking (click to enlarge and read the conference flyer above) on the first day of this 5 day conference hosted by the School of Media and Communication at the increasingly regarded Pan African University in Lekki. I'll be comparing old vs new media models of news production/consumption, making some predictions for the next year and discussing my role in setting up NEXT. Should be an interesting gathering..


Omosi T,  4:21 pm  

This looks very informative and I really wish I could attend. I am a journalism and literature grad student and journalism in Naija has always interested me.

Could you do us all a favor and perhaps put up a video and transcript of your speech and other key highlights.

Thank You

Anonymous,  3:10 am  

and tru u talk, u r my favorite onyeocha; all d best...

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