Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Jeremi tribe of Nigeria..

I've just found out that there is an ethnic group in Nigeria named after me - the Jeremi tribe based around Otu-Jeremi in Ughelli South LGA of Delta State. I am planning a trip to proclaim kindship and for us all to celebrate the return of the prodigal son. Do you think its a good idea?


temmy tayo 9:29 pm  

Why not? As long as they wont take you captive andmake you their king.


Baba 9:35 pm  

So long as you come bearing gifts in the form of monetary and other material products, I don't see why they will not accept you with wide open hands. I bet you that you could even easily obtain a chieftancy title with the right amount of consultation between their elders and councilmen. By "consultation", I hope you understand that it means moula.n

Anonymous,  11:37 pm  

hey jeremy do you know where i can find a guide to what pidgin english sounds like in the delta region? Or perhaps do you have any links you can put up to show me that sort of thing.

Also, do you have any comprehensive links or summaries about what exactly is going on in the Niger Delta?


Anonymous,  12:36 pm  

i definitely dont think so........

Emi,  1:29 pm  

Delusions of grandeur

N.I.M.M.O 1:35 pm  

Why not? Maybe its the other way round. Maybe you were named for the tribe.

After all, Michael Jackson was a king of a tribe in Cote d'Ivoire.

Please do visit. After all, blood is stronger than gin.

joy 9:01 pm  

Great idea! Be careful so you don't get kidnapped.

Anonymous,  11:03 am  

Named after you? If only. You wish!Lol. More like shares the same name. In any case, i'm sure you'll be welcomed with open arms. Goodluck!

ShineShine Bobo 2:09 pm  

I think you should upgrade that to kingship and proclaim dominion over all, or at least collect some licensing fees ...

Anonymous,  9:07 pm  

How much do you think your ransom will be?

Ms. Catwalq 9:18 pm  

Please send my invitation for the crowning in the mail with instructions for what colour of aso-oke to wear (being Yoruba and, I must represent. Also, there is the possibility that Ughelli people don't colour coordinate for festivities)so we from blogville can come and support...
will there be a cabinet? I am looking for a hook up?

Anonymous,  12:38 pm  

Ha! Brilliant!

Anonymous,  10:26 pm  

"tribe"? i think you should read this...

Anonymous,  11:57 pm  

obarisi of jeremi is the biggest title there. The last holder died a few years ago and that title may be available to you. The tribe is pronounced as jeeremi

AustynZOGS 6:23 pm  

I have always known that you have Naija roots.The fowl is finally coming home to roos.Omo wanle!

Anonymous,  3:19 am  

My father is still the real king of Ugheli South, though he his not there for some reasons... facebook David Uzziah.

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