Monday, August 03, 2009

The Mailbox

After the cricket, we went to the Mailbox, a newish development in central Brum. It can't be faulted really - mixed use, live-work, nice design, walkable, good coffee, attractive restaurants... I used to be embarrassed of my home city, but really, Birmingham is not at all bad these days. Its just that accent...


Steve B 10:17 am  

Not all of us have the accent. Which is probably why I didn't realise you were, like me, a Brummie. If you're still there take a look at the Custard Factory in Digbeth and the Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place

Anonymous,  1:31 pm  

The accent is terrible. Think about national newsreaders, narrators on documentaries, voice-overs on adverts - you hardly ever hear brummie accents. Meanwhile almost all the others have been accepted. They just sound like dumbasses. I hope you've lost yours.

Anonymous,  3:43 pm  

Hey Doc. You still in Brum? It'll be nice to hook with you.

Wale (Quanteq)

Milan 5:49 am  

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