Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ibru-gate and all the other gates...

Yet another brilliant editorial from NEXT today (ok so I am biased).


Anonymous,  7:51 pm  

Actually,I think that NEXT should follow its advice and "calm down". Just watched the news and a cbn spokesman is confirming what Lamido said in today's punch that the debtors list/amount was as at May 2009.

It was reckless for cbn to publish that in all the dailies without stating date. Knowing Dele's pedigree I would have expected NEXT to have come up with that scoop and not Punch but NEXT seems to have been carried away by the sensationalism.

Untitled 11:14 am  

Re: Ibrugate...Miss C rose from secretary to wife to business manager. Will not be surprised if she slept with Ibori et al and thats why the Ibrus appear not to be supporting her

Anonymous,  12:00 pm  

Jeremy, have you seen Dele Momodu's take on the banking saga?

see link below:

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