Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We stayed in an area called 37, at our friend Abena's boss' place, in the guest quarters. The compound was tropical bliss - ashoka trees and huge palms, a swimming pool and bar, a terrace on the first floor.. Bats circled in their thousands above. Strange to see so many in broad daylight, their reptile flesh glinting ominously in the sun.

Abena had filled the fridge with goodies (including soya milk- her thoughtfulness and generosity should win a global award) and a huge bowl of fruit. The paw-paw in Ghana is different to what you find in Nigeria - it is smaller, the taste sublime. Mangos meanwhile are just coming into season, with the greenish tang of new fruit at a new moment. As I munched on some flavouricious cashews, I reflected that everything felt easier here.


Morountodun 8:25 am  

Heaven knows what their gardening bill is like...

Anonymous,  8:29 am  

Glad I found your blog (via blogafrica).

Keep up the good work. Interesting that your work ranges from a PhD thesis to True Love.

Through these eyes 6:03 pm  

Just wanted to say "I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!" Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous,  9:24 pm  

Oh, dooooctor? Bats are most definitely not reptiles.

St Antonym 3:14 am  

Yes o. Bats are mammals.

Freaky ones, yes, but live-birthing, breast-feeding, furry headed mammals. Like you.

Jeremy 6:49 am  

I reject it, IJN. Bats are not my portion.

funmilola Iyanda 8:08 am  

jeremy, why do you get to go to this lovely places when l,m stuck in that soulless market square TRANSCORP hilton? Pretensious place didnt have a single pack of soy milk (l,m lactose intolerant) and the so called healthy options are laughable. Fortunately, l,m off to Accra this weekend and shall try to locate the BUKA.

ms. may 2:36 pm  

Just wanted to say that Ghana is so close to my heart. There is something very special about that place. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more about your trip. Memories!!!!

Fantastic blog!

Anonymous,  2:21 pm  

J you sound like a bible basher

iheoma obibi 9:04 pm  

Have a wonderful trip. Remember to visit the beach it is not like ours here in Lagos. No, no. It is beautiful. Greetings to madam Bibi for me. Have a wonderful time. I have been away and a bit behind with reading my favourite blogs. Will catch up later.

Anonymous,  5:46 pm  

som sweet talking girl comes along singing your song

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