Friday, December 08, 2006

Transformational leadership in Nigeria

The first 3 days this week were spent on the Everyday Leadership course we organised with the Elemental posse here in Abuja. The event was an inspiration for all who attended (50 people from an assortment of organisations) - just look at the smiles in this picture. I filmed 12 testimonials after the course - it was incredible how many people said their lives had been utterly transformed for the good thanks to the course. The course looked at internal sources of positive attitudes and thought processes on Day 1, practical tools for vision-realisation on Day 2, and dealing with difficult local issues on Day 3. It is astonishing that only 9 weeks ago I had not heard of Elemental (I met them at a friend's birthday lunch in Islington). I'm inspired that we managed to pull off such a transformative event in an almost impossibly short space of time. Fate was at work in the invisible support that emanated out of the ether at exactly the right moments (beginning with the spare queue ticket a woman gave Tom at the Nigeria High Commission - he would not have got his visa if not for her random act of kindness). The hugely successful outcome has a) changed my perception of Nigeria (and Nigerians) and b) given me the confidence to develop the Nigerian offering for next year. The trainer, Tom Fortes Mayer, is incredibly talented, able to transform disappointed lives in hours. If I sound like a convert to their method that is cuz I am. If you're based in London, why not go along to their weareOne event coming up later this month? Click here for more data.


Anonymous,  2:03 am  

Some say it's fate, some say it's divine intervention...

Talatu-Carmen 5:06 am  

sounds like a great workshop. good to have you back.


Plato,  12:08 pm  

Smile for the Happiness Consultant. Welome the new Adrenosexual Man! And woman?

Anonymous,  8:29 pm  

I jolt in joy any time I hear proof that they can be a transformation!

culturalmiscellany 7:20 pm  

Nkem - either explanation works for me so long as progress is made in the lives of a few.

Lesley,  7:56 pm  

I am transformed!!! I was there!!! Believe it!!!

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