Friday, December 15, 2006

Calabar masquerade

At Christmas time, there is almost a masquerade on every street in Calabar. All the civil servants are on holiday for the whole month, so there is a festive air across the town.. This one did a very interesting shuffle dance for the camera, twisting and whirling and making the ground rustle with his deft footwork.


Damola,  9:40 pm  

"civil servants on holiday for the WHOLE month," now that should be a scary thought. Makes one wonder how the state functions during december, and is it a paid holiday?

Anonymous,  1:19 am  

hehe damola, ur naija now, it shouldnt be a surprise, its always been that way. Even if the ministries dont agree, the workers wont be there!!!

Icy 10:39 pm  

hahah that looks like so much fun. Oh my gosh I miss Nigeria is nor even funny!

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