Sunday, December 03, 2006


Just got back from a lovely little Cassava Republic tour to Ghana. Loads of stuff going on and lots to write about. More later. For the moment, all I can do is publish all the comments to previous posts.


Bizzle!,  1:58 pm  

Welcome back J! Wondered what you were up to when I didn't see any new posts, really missed you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Pilgrimage to Self 8:33 pm  

Hi, I have spent the last 45 minutes trawling through your blog looking for a particular post which you had on a couple of weeks/months ago. It was a link to a gentlemans' blog who works for GQ or Vogue ( I forget which) and he takes pictures of random people who have got style all over the world. would you be kind enough to please let me have the link. After 45 minutes of fruitless searching, i admit defeat.


Jeremy 10:12 pm  

Problem over - here it is:

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