Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wahala dey

There's an African-Latin American jaw-jaw on at the moment in town. The city centre of Abuja (otherwise known as the Transcorp Hilton) is predictably chaotic, with police every two metres and South American types yapping into mobile phones with serious looks on their faces. Nigeria must have among the highest (if not the highest) number-in-convoy-per-politician average in the world (with the President having say a 30 car convoy average, state governors pulling in say 15 cars-plus-ambulance, your average nobody politician having 5 or 6). At events like these, you have a number of bigwig politicians and their convoy retinue clogging the space. Not quite sure what the whole shebang is supposed to achieve. Meanwhile, read about this hilarious incident involving Colonel Gaddafi at Abuja Airport yesterday.


Talatu-Carmen 8:07 am  

this is hilarious! i would have loved to have seen Gaddafi trek to Abuja with his machine-gun toating troopers and then meet up with a road block. Wahalla dey!

Anonymous,  10:16 am  

Concerning the Gaddafi story, I felt so proud. Someone in Africa finally put that man in his place, and guess what, it was Naija!


Anonymous,  10:35 pm  

hmm if those convoys were kicked out then the unemployement and crime figure goes up

Emmanuel 8:10 am  

I read the news on ThisDay newspaper's website and I was surprised that someone could come into Nigerian and thought he could just force his way through the security check-point. There is no where in the way this is done. I am happy that the security people stood their ground.

Meanwhile, president Obasanjo shouldnt have intervened. I would have loved to see the Gaddafi actually walked to Abuja.

Iheoma Obibi 1:38 pm  

saw the story yesterday it was in one of the papers and had a bloody good giggle. Visioned gun weilding khaki wearing female body guards (they are all female) 200 of them legging it from the airport. Can you imagine, taxi drivers slowing down, "oyinbo, you wan lift, abi you don tire". HAHAHAHAHa. Nigeria, beautiful place to be. The other place this could have happened it Lebabnon and possibly Turkey. Not sure of Russia.

azuka 6:29 am  

Read about the incident almost as soon as it happened.

I found the all-female bodyguard team very amusing. It must be a first for a muslim leader to be so trusting of women.

dami 2:53 pm  

azuka, you mean women are not trusted by muslims or what?

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