Thursday, November 09, 2006

Virginia Falls..

At last, the democrats have taken both houses. The long and complex task of redeeming the international reputation of a fallen superpower after the drunken holiday-prone disaster that was Dubiya can begin. We are entering a new political configuration. Blair the-poodle is a spent force, Bush will doubtless spend yet more time back at the Crawford ranch. We can only look back with sadness on the tragical farce that was Iraq, and the unholy mess these two men have made in the Middle East. The only consolation is that at least these two human weapons of mass destruction are on the verge of decommissioning..


Talatu-Carmen 9:41 pm  

Yes, the collective gasp of relief has been almost audible here. The problem is that it might take the Democrats so long to begin mopping up the mess that our fickle voters may grow tired of them before they can do much good. But at least there is some sort of counterbalance now. And hopefully, it will signal to the rest of the world that all that has been done in America's name in the last few years is not actually the will of the majority of American people

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

Haha... it was worth it for Republicans to be kicked out, just so I can see the mental masturbation rife in the 'rats nest. I hope we don't drown in their jism, and that they stop long enough to actually do something now that they have the power; although it's very interesting that libo-mentals like Tall-tit-carwomen (or whatever) are already busy building an "out" for when they lose the '08 elections.

Don't forget, you pusillanimous turds, that the President has two more years to go. Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Akin 11:18 pm  

I wish the decommissioning would end everything, but they unleashed a nuclear explosion, the fallout would tarry long after we have forgotten they ever were given the opportunity to rule.

saul 1:49 am  

The challenge will be that the Dems will now be expected to find a 'solution' to Iraq. It's a nasty mess to inherit. Down South, the new Democrats also look pretty Republican.

Let's hope Mr Bush enjoys a few more pretzels at home on the ranch.

Chxta 3:15 am  

Like Talatu (this person must be a fan of Starship Troopers) said, the mess that Dubya and co have created is just too much.

Meanwhile tell me it's not true that IBB has picked up a nomination form? :sad:

Anonymous,  3:42 pm  

@Saul: since you're into death fantasies, here's one for you: I hope you enjoy a 9mm to the back of the head. I hear it's to die for.

Through these eyes 5:58 pm  

Like Fred says, "Two more years to go." The mess has already been made and it is too little too late removing Rummy from office. That should have been done 2 years ago!

Iraq can be fixed, timeline is indefinite, and by whom we don't know. What America needs to do is get their arses the hell up out of there, ASAP. They don't want us there anyway so give them back their country.

I actually have a post similar to this.

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