Saturday, November 25, 2006

The cricket

Waking up early, I watched a bit of the cricket (the Ashes) from the Gabba in Brisbane. There was something almost terrifyingly superior about the Australian performance and their brutal determination to make amends for losing the ashes last year. England's leading pace bowler, Steve Harmison, is washed up, each time he bowls one is thankful it is not a wide. It reminds me of the worst days during my playing days, when nothing goes right. Meanwhile, Ricky Ponting looks invincible with the bat. Australia are a magnificent team, England a boyish embarrassment. It just goes to show that excellence in sport has nothing at all to do with the numerical advantage of a large population, and everything to do with infrastructure and attitude.


Cricket Maniac 11:17 am  

yeah, brutal is the word. They are butchering the English at the moment.

Akin 11:52 am  

It is just the first test, we need to recoup for the next and each consequent one. It would take a miracle to sort this one out.

Being a cricket optimist, the ashes belong in England, if we win, the better, if not, God forbid! The Ashes still remain in good Ol' Blighty.

Anonymous,  3:04 pm  

For the life of me I will never understand why you people love chasing crickets around. Where I come from we eat them. :D

Anonymous,  5:07 pm  

Jeremy I don't follow cricket myself but I heard on the news this morning they are now calling it the Gabbatoir in light of England getting slughtered!!

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