Monday, November 13, 2006

Yoruba keyboard

Click on the image to get a good look.


Anonymous,  11:46 am  

I thought you would be interested in this. Note the comment from a certain Andrew Fowler who worked in Naija

Anonymous,  1:18 pm  

How many websites and indeed documents are out there written in Yoruba to really justify this keyboard?

Anonymous,  2:32 pm  

dumb ass statement from chxta. the only way to get more documents in yorubas to provide people with the tools to be able to make them

St Antonym 2:39 pm  

Punds, dollars, euros. Sorted for the Yoruba.

The rest is sauce.

Marin 2:46 pm  

Are you sure this is really a Yoruba keyboard? I do not see a gb or sh, written as an s with a dot underneath.

Anonymous,  4:02 pm  


umm, to type gb you press g and then b... :P

The S with a dot is there, using the S key with the Ng modifier key.

I would love to grab one of these, if they're not made with rubbish keyboards. I remember a few years ago, hearing about a Nigerian PC Assembly company supplying Nigerian keyboards, but I thought at the time this was just a keyboard with a ₦ on it. This is much better.

You would also need a Yoruba Font

Soul 4:06 pm  

ohh I would buy this sharpish..

Considering that Yoruba is spoken in many countries and that the it's such a pain to try inserting symbols into names and documents.
this would be great!

I was actually thinking of this as a pet project for myself.. I'm actually a bit bummed that someone has already come up with it. but happy at the same time.

Marin 6:09 pm  
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naijajams 7:29 pm  

I have this keyboard. As some have pointed out, the gb & sh are not there. You also find unicode support in the popular word processors to be somewhat shaky and most of the popular typefaces to not have the complete unicode character. To make an (S.) I have to make an S & then use the . as a combining character. Microsoft Word has problems rendering this properly...

Here is the link to the actual site:

Overwhelmed Naija Babe 11:00 pm  

oh whao.. thats sooo cool

Anonymous,  12:12 am  

Sorry Marin, I hope you realise my remark was facetious.

I know gb is a separate single letter, but is it really necessary to create a single key for the task when the two latin characters are already there? The language of my people uses two latin characters to represent one letter too.

And Naijajams, thanks for the link, I assumed that some sort of driver would be provided with the keyboard in order to make it operate with Windows apps and the Characters/Fonts. Is that not the case?

The method you are describing sounds like a microsoft hack for people with regular keyboards to enter Yoruba characters, making the extra features on this keyboard redundant.

As a linux user I will probably have to get keyboard maps from wazobia linux to use this. It will take more than a fancy keyboard to move me from Debian.

Marin 12:34 am  


you got me there with the gb. I guess that is what happens when one is trying to sneak a comment onto a blog from work 0).

I will not read blogs at work.
I will not read blogs at work.
I will not read blogs at work..........................

learningyoruba 4:24 pm  

So can I can I get access to such a keyboard? I've been looking for ages!

Umang Shah 7:54 am  

I need Ascii code your
"Yoruba keyboard".So possible then provide me.

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