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The fact that there is not a corner of Nigeria where someone is not saying, Borishade-mus-go (the Senate are trying to push him off the cliff - they failed last time, will they succeed this time?) and still he does not walk the plank, says something about how rotten the political process is in Nigeria.

Being the President's bezzie mate counts for too much, it seems. With well over one hundred million people yelling at him to please leave, he must have quite a well developed set of ears: he can listen to his sycophantic retinue and not hear everyone else. He is making a mistake, just as his tenure as Education Minister was a forest full of mistakes (the universities were on strike for almost the whole period, thanks to his arrogant stand). As I have already intimated, history will catch up with him, even if no one will just now. The poor pilot's wife is the first to take a pop. A tsunami of judgment will wash over him in time..


Through these eyes 7:09 pm  

Wow, i hope things get better in Nigeria. Very shocking and saddening. We remain steadfast in holding all our leaders accountable. Justice will prevail and we shall have better days ahead of us.

Anthony Arojojoye 8:23 pm  

He's the one that has left me speechless since Sunday, and I know that God will find a way in his infinite mercies to punish him and whack his butts.
His presence is of no use, so why prevent those who can cause positive changes to assume the position.
OBJ is dead wrong on this issue, he's just a square peg in a round hole.
Some people can murder hundreds of people in return for money, power and pride.
There'll definitely be different categories of hell. Such people can't just share the same heat with the man who stole food in the market.

Chxta 8:50 pm

Talatu-Carmen 1:18 am  

Your comment about his ears made me think of the description of one of the "ministers" in Ngugi wa Thiong'o's new novel, Wizard of the Crow. Following the news that a member of Parliament had been made Minister of Foreign Affairs when he had his eyes "... so that they would be able to spot the enemies of the Ruler no matter how far their hiding places" (13), Sikiokuu followed "suit. He did not have much money, so he secretly sold his father's plot and borrowed the rest to buy himself a flight to France and a hospital bed in Paris, where he had his ears enlarged so that, as he also put it in a press statement, he would be able to hear better and therefore be privy to the most private of conversations between husband and wife, children and their parents, students and teachers, priests and their flock, psychiatrists adn their patients--all in the service of the Ruler. His ears were larger than a rabbit's and always primed to detect danger at any time and from any direction. His devotion did not go unnoticed, and he was made Minister of State in charge of spying on the citizenry..." (14).

As you mentioned, Borishade's ears are finetuned to only hear sycophants, not the outrage of the general popularce. But the idea of ministers who do anything to gain and hold on to power is fitting in this situation. Ngugi captures both the outrage and absurdity of such power well.

ijebuman 12:51 pm  

Apparently the guy is a nuclear scientist. Good thing this guy is not in charge of anything nuclear

A Google search reveals the following
'Professor Abraham Babalola BORISHADE received his education at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Victoria University in Manchester, England, the Nuclear Engineering and Power Station in Texas and the Training Centre of International Atomic in Vienna, Austria.'

methinks OBJ is blinded by the guy's qualifications. He probably thinks the guy 'know book well well'.

Dotun 1:39 pm  

'There'll definitely be different categories of hell. Such people can't just share the same heat with the man who stole food in the market'

This is hillarious. I think hell is not about the most sinful person, its about those who rejects God's free gift of salvation through Jesus.
Your comment is funny sha. It makes me giigle aloud on my desk.

ijebuman 6:37 pm  

According to the BBC
Nigeria's aviation minister has been sacked following the plane crash on Sunday in which the spiritual leader of Nigeria's Muslims and 95 others died.

Babalola Borishade swaps jobs with Culture Minister Femi Fani-Kayode,
according to the president's office.

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