Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RIP Robert Altman

Director of two of my all time favourite films, Gosford Park and Short Cuts. His take on the English class system, and his use of spatial narrative in Gosford Park is nothing short of genius. Meanwhile, Short Cuts was a revolution in non-linear interwoven narrative.

I shall watch Gosford Park tonight for probably the tenth time, in his honour.


Anonymous,  7:13 pm  

What a shame. Godford Park is indeed genius, upstairs-downstairs has never been done so well. But Gosford Park is for this generation, in the past there was MASH, and Popeye (my first memory of Robin Williams). A master of his art.

St Antonym 9:51 pm  

Ah, this is news to me.

Altman was a masterful "visual thinker."

I loved both "Short Cuts" and "Gosford Park," and I'll never forget the long opening shot of "The Player," which was a display of cinematographic vistuosity.

See "The Company" if you get the chance. A fictional story about the real-life Joffrey Ballet in Chicago. A fairly small project, but sharply observed.

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