Friday, November 03, 2006

Picture from outside a Lagos mosque..

Whether this image is a fake or not, what is shocking is that we can imagine it to be true. In other words, we can imagine a world where the bonds of trust in society have broken down so much that muslims at the mosque might want to steal each other’s footwear.

: a city of absurd tragic-comic contradictions in a country of enormous tragi-comic proportions.


Anonymous,  9:17 am  

There is an old story from back in the days of Babangida that some one stole one (just one) of his slippers from outside the Mosque during prayers


Akin 10:16 am  

I think this is just to make sure that the owner does not end up putting his feet into slippers that are not a matching pair and to help him identify his slippers from the multitude of footwear on a busy prayer day.

The security aspect is just a bonus, the trust aspect is a tad too cynical. Give humanity a bit of slack, come on. Jeremy.

ijebuman 11:05 am  

LOL very funny pic, I agree with Akin. I doubt if it's for security because its so easy to remove the padlock if you really want to steal the slippers (you simply take out the rubber strands)

Dotun 11:55 am  

i doubt the security aspect too, afterall you can easily pick that brand of slippers on the streets of lagos, almost for free.

Anonymous,  2:38 pm  

I love the philosophical implications of this picture: poems, dissertations, and white papers could be written a-plenty.

Nkem 4:15 pm  

People's King James Versions get stolen all the time in churches, armed robbers steal from churches, what's so outrageous about someone securing his Friday best flip-flops?

zeyi 6:00 pm  

That was just too funny!

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