Thursday, November 02, 2006

Step up to the plate, Fani-Kayode

Well, if there was to be any relief that finally the god-like and invulnerable B-ORISHA-DE was made to go, it was quickly dashed by the news of his successor. Femi Fani-Kayode does not like sentences which don't feature the word God, at least once. He made his name as the lippy defender of all things Baba-esque, offending not a few with his crisp rebuttals. Here is a man who does not seem to believe humans have agency beyond the puppet-strings of God's invention. He called the crash an 'Act of God' on CNN in the immediate aftermath. If it was the case, what is the point of an enquiry? Why not just melt the black box for scrap metal, if all its answers are a mere half-way house back to Almighty? Worse, here is someone with no proven administrative experience and no reputation as a reformer, let alone any knowledge of aviation. Perhaps we had all better pray.. Perhaps he will surprise us all.


Anthony Arojojoye 8:20 pm  

Oh he has started doing the talking already?! I don't see any good thing coming out from his side. Just forget it, it can't get worse than this.

imnakoya 8:32 pm  

Thanks heavens! OBJ and his band of clowns like Fani Kayode have about 6 months left!

Anonymous,  10:52 pm  

I cannot believe that these two (Borishade and Fani Kayode) simply swapped this musical chairs?
Its so unfortunate that Nigeria is in this state...I am tired of lamenting about naij....

Its the same merry-go-round, something bad happens...we cry, we are angry, they sack/shift one minister then what happens?..its back to business as usual until the next tragedy...

I think we should just pray

Shango 12:54 am  

{sarcasm} The man looks like a winner! Yaaaay! {/sarcasm}

Akin 1:16 am  

You don't seem to see the irony of it all, dead things provide the substrate for cultures.

Now that the aviation disaster has provided the substrate, why not bring on an expert who can grow something off dead matter - someone who knows about cultures.

The swap is more apt than one can explain, if it were not so gruesome, it could easily have been another slasher movie being played back in reality.

These human sacrifices on the altar of gross incompetence cannot be for the good of anyone and the blood of the innocent must be required of all these men, most especially the President who has appointed them.

MsMak,  7:48 am  

See the nonsense we have to deal with as Nigerians? An obviously inept man with no history of any kind of accomplishments (whatever the portfolio given) refuses to resign, and instead our dear President simply swaps him for Fani-Kayode, the former presidential attack dog.

Fani Kayode hasnt even held the Culture and Tourism portolio for up to three months! Before that Okonjo-Iweala had it for what, 2 months maybe? Is this not a case of ministerial musical chairs? And we wonder why nothing gets done in Naija. Why couldnt Borishade be gotten rid of completely?

Like Fela sang long, long, time ago in "Just like that"... "no be Obasanjo put im ol paddy paddy friends for there?" The more things change, the more they stay the same. The more you look, the less you understand. Sigh...

Nkem 3:21 pm  

People die in a plane crash and the president appoints one of his rottweilers to clean up the debris. How sensitive...

Anonymous,  5:38 am  

I have just one question......

Are background checks not carried out before one is appointed to public office in Nigeria?

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