Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The perfect blog

I shall be eternally grateful to my old sparring partner Shango for introducing me to the Sartorialist. Everyday he/she posts an interesting fashion snapshot, most often from the streets of New York. Check today's image for example. It is a lovely extendable concept - there should be one for London - which can surely equal if not exceed New York for street fashion, and the Lagos edition would be a scream..


Anonymous,  12:58 am  

Found out it's a he (Scott Schuman) ... now works with GQ magazine

Anonymous,  6:26 am  

Its a HE...
Scott Schuman...he has been an NY fashion industry person for yeards but the blog has propelled him to new heights....
Funny, a couple of hours ago,I had the exact same thought about a Lagos version of The Sartorialist...would be interesting to see the different blends of style..

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