Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The tour

Abidemi reading from her book at Silverbird Galleria. The roadshow is now at University of Nigeria at Nsukka. Bibi had wanted to meet the VC of UNN, but he wasn't there. His secretary said he wouldn't see her anyway, as she was wearing trousers (he's a born again)!

Obviously, its ok for rampant sexual abuse of female students to continue as a perk for the male lecturers at universities across the land, but women wearing trousers? There is no greater sin.

Our books, at The Media Store, Silverbird Galleria.


Anonymous,  4:34 pm  

What a load of bollocks. Talk about getting priorities mixed up.

Anonymous,  5:48 pm  

My mom was barred from wearing trousers while a teacher. Errm... okay?!? Bunch of f'ing idiots.

uknaija 7:02 pm  

Vice Chancellor? Not see women in trousers, even on official business? Oh Naija!!!

Styl Council 8:13 pm  

Oh dear if he refuses to her bcos she's a trouser-wearing-female; what then will he do when he finds out she's a trouser-wearing-stubborn-fearless-focused-female budhist?!!!! Alas :-)

Akin 9:32 pm  

To have professors with affected objectivity allow their personal prejudices to impact on their professional judgment is unfortunate - a VC at that.

I remember a similar case that you related with regards to Prof Momoh.

If my scriptural knowledge serves me well, the same chapter in the Pentateuch that talks of women not wearing men's clothes talks of men not wearing clothes of mixed material.

If he were in a new wool suit, would his shirt, vest, underwear and socks be of the same material?

We cannot choose one Old Testament law to emasculate others and ignore the one that pertains to ourselves.

I get fed up of professors who profess their ignorance through their silly actions.

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