Thursday, November 23, 2006



Felix Abrahams,  4:50 pm  

Christine had just come into Abuja that Thursday evening from Jos and was to spend the night at Jeremy and Bibi's ie,16th November,2006. Here guitar was handy...she had glued a portion on the neck which an irate 'fan' had broken...she was visibly angry.Maybe a witch had instructed the villain to break her tool of musical expression. She had written a song...'Kemi's song' which would be premiered at the Private Reading of 'Kemi's Jourmal' at Moorehouse in Ikoyi by Abidemi Sanusi.I proded her for a while to pre-premiere the sing for me, a solo audience. With closed eyes, she strummed her 'broken' guitar,and her voice resonated.She reminded me of Lauryn Hill in her teen years...but the trip to lag didnt happen...and the song followed Christine back to Jos..were it was eventually premiered...and almost became @ Bidemi's song'.

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