Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The INEC website

The INEC website says all you need to know about how serious the 'democracy' part of next years 'elections' will be - a triumph of form over content.

No one I know has registered to vote. No one I know quite knows how to register to vote.

If you click on Elections/Registration you get a 'Coming soon' notice.

The coming soon elections simply cannot be the result of universal suffrage - on this basis it will be 'selections' not 'elections'. Apparently only 2% of the eligible population has registered yet - perhaps that is an over-estimate.

It is nothing to get too upset about - the processes and passion for democracy aren't developed enough here to expect any more. No one is prepared to jump under a horse for change either.

If a decent technocratic vp is selected, there should be pressure put on them to take democracy more seriously in time for the next round. INEC can scarcely be blamed for any of this - they lack the funds to be more effective.


Anonymous,  3:13 am  

i've heard the 2% figure before and dont know where folks get it from. I hope it isnt true, otherwise the election is a joke

BabaAlaye 8:41 am  

I'll be patient to get my chance to say "I Told You So!!!)

There isn't going to be any Elections next year. Trust me on this one.

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