Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Californian spirituality..

A book of essays and photographs on California spirituality, by Erik Davis (who achieved a cult following for his book Techgnosis a few years ago), the photographs taken by Michael Rauner. I'd like to buy it when I can. I'd like to know more about exactly how California acquired its spiritual fecundity. What drove the mystics West?


Anonymous,  6:06 pm  

California has always attracted America's mental flotsam and jetsam, from time immemorial... well, since recorded history anyway.

Has to do with the climate. The northeast is too crowded, the south is, well, the south. The midwest is filled with Bible-thumpers, the mountaineous (north) west was very wild and almost inhospitable. California has this "nice, easy" vibe.

After the gold rush and the ensuing or attendant slackening of the rules and regulations that the rest of the country was obsessed with (at the time and even now), that combined with the weather, was the siren call for nutcases far and wide.

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