Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I took my Prince 2 project management exams today at the British Council (its cool, you can take the exam at any British Council office anywhere in the world) - after months of self-tuition with a cd and the incredibly boring Prince 2 manual. The hour long multiple-choice Foundation exam is a doddle - I'm sure I got over 90%. The three hours fifteen minutes Practitioner exam I'm a lot less sure about. It seemed very straightforward, too straightforward in fact - basic questions referring standard elements from the manual to the scenario. Either I've done quite well or I've ballsed it up. I have an agonising six week wait for the results. Hopefully it'll be a nice Christmas pressie.

Meanwhile, loads of work is banking up. I have my Final Report to write on my EU project (finally I get to tell some truths about the lack of technology leadership in the Federal Government). Then there's Abidemi Sanusi's tour, which is really exciting. Then, a mate and I are organising an intensive 3-day transformational workshop, bringing the bright boys from Elemental over to Abuja from the UK in December. Should be very interesting. There are a few places left, so if you or someone you know would like to come along, drop me an email - its great value given you will come out transformed..

Meanwhile #2, I'm hoping I get to meet Funmi Iyanda manana, she's in town. I think her blog is the bogs dollocks, especially now she's sticking vid feeds up there. I predict a Nigerian blogging explosion in the next few months to rival Iran..


Styl Council 1:58 am  

Hey Jay,
I'm sure you've passed...You're right the first part is a doddle ..The second part is a little tricky as its an open book exam...As for the actual course, if you think the manual was boring,.... try sitting in a classroom for 8hours x 5days at the early stages of a relatively easy pregnancy with sleepsickness as the only hormonal side effect...Needless to say the only thing that kept me awake was the constant reminder of the £2,500 cost; which unlike the rest of the students i had forked out from my pocket!

The drinks are on you in xmas...

Anonymous,  5:35 am  

Haha! Melanie's other lover, aye, what? All right, I'll have to outdo that.

Even after all those exams, you're still taking them. You really are a masochist!

Pilgrimage to Self 1:49 pm  

Whats Funmi's blog link?

Christian Writer 2:48 pm  

Seeing as you love the whole picture taking malarkey, I thought you would be interested in these photoblogs by friends of mine: www.remskibrown.co.uk and www.alakija.com I've watched as these guys have developed their techniques and styles over the years. Truly something. If you can, check out Alakija's Naija photos. I'm no photographer but I think they're fantastic.

saul 2:56 pm  

Hey J,

Cool that you've hooked up with NJE - I like it when I can help forge connections.

Keeping the faith, baby


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