Friday, November 10, 2006

Helicopter crash

Another Act of God - this time a helicopter crashes near Warri. 5 people were in the craft, one 'casualty' says the local news. The harmattan dust is whirling up in Abuja, making flying more difficult. There is no reason to believe that another crash will not occur soon..


Anonymous,  3:39 pm  

If only it were an Act of God.

Anthony Arojojoye 9:28 pm  

Are you joining Fani-Kayode in calling every bad thing an act of God?
It doesn't seem right, so why not leave the Almighty out of this?
How come the ministry doesn't know what is flying at what time?
Chai, aviation ministry and all the mumbo jombo.

Jeremy 10:06 pm  

Haba AA - I was mimicking said FFK! Of course it was pilot error.

St Antonym 10:47 pm  

God needs to stop this nonsense!

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